LUNETA THROUGH TIME: Experience the History of the Philippines in Luneta



Filipinos residing in the Metro are too much occupied with their busy lives or what is new and what is trendy. They have long forgotten all about how the country came to be what it is now, who contributed to the present, what events took place and where all those events happened.  Rizal Park, more commonly known as Luneta is one of those places with a very important story to tell.



Attempts have been made to bring back the public’s impression of Luneta. So far, none of them has made considerable changes. This time, a group of seven (7) students has made yet another attempt to recreate the park’s image in the consumers’ minds. The event called Luneta Through Time challenges to make the public, particularly the wealthier portion increase their nationalistic sense by letting them taste culture through the Filipino cuisine and by having them witness performances that signify notable events happened in the past.



The University of the Philippines Asian Institute of Tourism T151 Paradiso Group and PRIMER Group of Companies

In cooperation with:

National Parks Development Committee

Proudly present


Experience the History of the Philippines in Luneta

Bring back significant events in the olden times through the eyes and taste buds. Come and join us as we relive the Philippine history through its culture and cuisine on MARCH 24, 2013, Sunday, Central Lagoon (open grass area), Luneta Park. Take a blast from the past as we conduct a 1-hour tour around the park emphasizing important facts, details and worthy trivias. Performances from UP Filipiniana Dance Group and other performing artists will be witnessed in this exciting event. Satisfy your taste buds as we bring you Filipino delicacies and products.  Let us all reminisce the past and celebrate the rebirth of Luneta.

  • 1-hour Luneta Tour 
    – inclusive of tram use and tour guide
    – 200 Php per pax
    – tour starts at 4:30 PM
  • Entrance Fee: 50 Php

For tour reservations and further questions, contact KIM at 09178957264

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This event is being organized by the “Park Team” that comprises of seven (7) students from UP AIT Tour 151 class (Marketing Management in Tourism.)

See you all there!

LUNETA THROUGH TIME: Experience the History of the Philippines in Luneta

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