Lunchbox Diet: A Foodie’s #30DaysDiet, Guess what?! It’s a Success!

When In Manila, I am happy to announce to you that I have successfully finished my #30DaysDiet with the help of Lunchbox Diet! The challenge was pretty straightforward — go on a Lunchbox Diet for 30 Days and try my ultimate best to stick to the diet plan. You can check out my first 3-wk recap on my diet here.


I used to say that I can’t start my day without rice (I’m a rice monster!) but with LBD, a sandwich or a salad is enough!

Threading into my last week of dieting, it went surprisingly smooth. Easy peasy! My body (aka my mind and stomach) has fully adjusted already to the daily 1,200 cal intake. It was unbelievable as I’ve always thought that I have a monster living in me that requires lots of food to survive but whew, I am so happy to finally get myself in the right track. All thanks to the Lunchbox Diet!



One of my favorite meals from LBD!


And the verdict…. I lost a net of 8 lbs in a month! Which was really awesome! I am a little skeptic about dieting but it worked for me, and it feels really great! So if you’re someone who’s hesitant to take the first step into eating healthy, then the Lunchbox Diet might be your perfect start!


Before and after! Nope, LBD wouldn’t turn you into a cat! I’m the one with glasses on the left photo and as you can see, I am equipped with love handles! But after a month of dieting, I lost a big portion of it and lost of water weight was shed off. Dieting wouldn’t give you immediate results especially if you’re like me who loves to eat and has minimal physical activity, but surely that with a combination of exercise and disciplined dieting, I can eventually reach my body goal. *fingers-crossed!*


Lunchbox Diet’s menu for this week


With Lunchbox Diet,  the menu is prepared hand-in-hand by the chef and a dietician to make sure that you still get the great stuff and in the right portions! Delivery is made daily in the morning which is very convenient, you can opt to have it delivered to your home or office.

Just a reminder! Since your meals for the entire day is delivered in one go, make sure to have it refrigerated to prevent spoilage. Don’t worry as they are packed in microwavable containers — so just heat and eat!


And a great news for the night shifters! Lunchbox Diet is catering to those who are working on the night shift too! I had an experience as a night shifter and honestly, it ain’t always easy to whip up something healthy so it’s almost fastfood everyday for us night shifters.

But thank goodness for this newest service from LBD, the Midnight Lunchbox — LBD meals are delivered to selected business districts so night shifters can now enjoy healthy meals too! 


Some feedback as to how good Lunchbox Diet is *two thumbs up*

If you’re someone who likes to eat (like me!) and looks at dieting as a daunting task, worry no more! When In Manila, let Lunchbox Diet help you to start eating healthy and shed some weight!


And with that, we are giving away a two lucky readers a FREE 1-week meal subscription from Lunchbox Diet!

We will be picking two winners — one should be on a night shift so they can experience the Midnight Lunchbox delivery. 


Just follow the Rafflecopter mechanics below to join:

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For Midnight Lunchbox Delivery:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


NOTE: *delivery areas for LBD: BGC/Mckinley Hill, Mandaluyong, Makati, Pasig, Quezon City, San Juan

* For the Midnight Lunchbox, delivery areas are only limited to business districts


Congratulations to April and Jerome for winning our giveaway! Please check your email! 🙂 

Thanks to everyone for joining!


A nice snack surprise from the LBD last Independence Day!

Lunchbox Diet

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Lunchbox Diet: A Foodie’s #30DaysDiet, Guess what?! It’s a Success!


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