Lukkas Barbers Offers More Than Just Haircuts

It feels like it has been ages by now, but the pandemic is still here. What’s more, the Philippines ranks high among Southeast Asian countries in terms of confirmed COVID-19 cases. Are we supposed to keep living in fear, though? Many businesses have amped up their safety measures to provide people with the services they might want and need without having to worry about contracting the virus. One of these businesses is Lukkas Barbers.

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Since April 2016, Lukkas Barbers’ upbeat customer care has been in place. Relying on established relationships, the community-based barbershop has successfully eased their lockdown restrictions by providing an ambience that is neat, comfortable, convenient, and (most importantly) safe while offering quality service and value for money at the same time. It’s no wonder why they have been moving on with a high clientele return rate with friends, families, and referrals growing alongside their ability to adapt to today’s constant changes.

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Lukkas Barbers exemplify the sacredness of a barber shop: it’s a men’s area for personal space, masculinity, therapy, and transformation. There may be times when you go to a barber shop and end up with a bad haircut. This doesn’t happen at Lukkas. Here, they don’t just give random clips and cuts. Their barbers are real specialists who will provide you with services beyond haircuts.

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A simple establishment that started four years ago has since evolved into a place where fathers, uncles, grandpas, sons, babies, friends, classmates, officemates, cousins, bothers, and sometimes even ladies (yes, ladies!) have built bonds and special memories. This experience has also expanded to other parts of Luzon now, creating broader communities and making the Lukkas Lifestyle available to everyone.

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Of course, growth does not come in singularity. As their expansion continues, they are also broadening their staff’s skills and other personal developments at the same time. Everybody’s functions and contributions form what Lukkas Barbers is today – and this includes the customers. Lukkas Barbers makes it a point to strengthen their relationships between owners, barbers,, and customers by taking in feedback and making room for improvement.

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Lukkas Barbers is persistent and resilient on their journey, using their many experiences, developing their skills, welcoming new opportunities, adapting to change, and beaming with positivity.

What makes a good barbershop? Let us know! Lukkas Barbers looks forward to ticking off more boxes on the checklist.

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