Luke Walton will be Taking Charge of the Lakers!

The Lakers have a new head honcho, and he isn’t someone new to the team.

luke walton

According to reports, Luke Walton – a former basketball player for the Lakers — agreed to be the team’s head coach.

Luke Walton played nine seasons for the Lakers (2003–2012) before switching over to Cleveland Cavaliers for one season.

He then moved on from being a player to being a coach, and is currently an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors.

“I loved everything about my time at Golden State and learning from Steve (Kerr). I’ll forever be grateful to him, the organization and the team. But I have always dreamed of being a head coach and the chance to do that for an organization like the Lakers doesn’t come around very often.” Walton told ESPN

With Walton’s experience as an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors and his knowledge of the team, we might be able to see some big changes in the Lakers’ play next season.

Do you think Walton is a good choice as the Lakers’ head coach?


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