Meet Luis, the Youngest Finalist of the RR Bato Bato Pick Battle Royale

We gamers play games with our friends, our online friends, and our soon-to-be friends to create cool, good, awesome, epic and memorable moments. What these guys did in Iloilo sprouted into branches of friendship, epic memories and competitive spirit.

Everyone only had three lives in the RR Bato Bato Pick Battle Royale, but everyone who was there will live to tell the tale of the CONQuest Festival 2019.

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This is Luis. He’s a cool deserving kid who persevered so much during the two consecutive days of the event.
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On day 1, he competed against 200 participants in RR’s Bato Bato Pick Battle Royale. And on day 2, he defeated 374 players and made it to the finals.

He fought well; but sadly, he lost.

Still, since gaming is not just about competition, but also about the community; the whole crew in RR decided to make Luis’ experience even more memorable by creating a surprise for him that he’ll remember all his life.

They all pitched in and bought a PlayStation4 for him at a stall in CONQuest Festival 2019.
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“We saw how he was so brave,” they said. “And even if he was the smallest and the youngest, he kept on playing and battling everyone, regardless if they were twice his size.”
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The team at RUMBLE ROYALE plays games to have an awesome time. Yes, they play to win; but sometimes, it’s not about winning or losing. It’s about who you meet on your journey.