Lucy Torres Launches Beautiful Kalachuchi Jewelry Collection

There is no stopping Ormoc City congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez. Aside from being a great storyteller on social media, she is now a jewelry maker for the brand Jul B. Dizon.

Though it’s her third collaboration with the brand, the Kalachuchi collection has 5o pieces of accessories made of different precious stones and metals.

She shares that the inspiration behind her collection is her childhood. She used to spend her days at her Lola Carmen’s house where there was a big kalachuchi tree. She shares that she would tuck them behind her ears and wear them as leis. Her Lola was always so beautiful and seeing the flowers makes her remember her radiant beauty.

Lucy also reveals that Kalachuchi is the official flower of Ormoc City. It stands for the strength to withstand tough challenges. It is also the flower of hospitality, of welcoming guests and inviting them to stay.

Aside from the Kalachuchi-shaped accessories, Lucy also used aquamarine stones for some of the pieces. She reveals that aquamarine is her favorite stone reminding her of the sky and the sea. It is also the birthstone of March, widely loved for being the stone of eternal youth and happiness.

The collection was launched last March 26, 2019 and will be available on Jul B. Dizon’s website SOON.

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