Lucrecia Lunatica: A Manifestation of Beauty and Madness

Lucrecia Lunatica Poster-01

Lyceum of the Philippine University – Manila (LPU – Manila) Senior Class A-406B Multimedia Arts batch 2016-2017 announced a 3-day art exhibit entitled, “Lucrecia Lunatica,” with a tagline, “A manifestation of Beauty and Madness.” This is organized and funded by the class and its officers with the assistance of the university faculty and administration as a part of their final requirements for graduation. The event was already approved to commence outside the campus that will be held on March 11 – 13, 2017 at Mabuhay Restop, Ermita Manila.

“Our 3-day event will showcase various forms of arts from 2D to 3D and traditional to mixed media arts,” said Ms. Krishna Silvestre, the President of A-406B Multimedia and Portfolio Exhibit class. “All of the artworks that will be displayed are individually made and contributed to our class’s effort depending on their aesthetics on how will they manifest their beauty in madness.

Since the planning of the event, the class officers expect no less than a hundred visitors that will come and pay a visit to the gallery. The officers, together with the class, are looking forward to aligning brands to work together as media partners and sponsors to attract people who are of the same interest.

“We welcome everyone to come, visit and explore our gallery. It will be open from 12 noon to 8 in the evening. Visitors may explore as long as they want without a cost,” Class Vice President, Isabelle Dominguez said. Lucrecia Lunatica organizers added that there will be activities and short films that will be available to watch for free during the hours of the event.