LTFRB Rolls Out Uber/GrabCar-Like Service “Premium Taxi”, Calls For Franchises

Is this the real reason the LTFRB has been so vocal about going after Uber?

Popular motoring journalist James Deakin posted a screenshot of the LTFRB Citizen Enforcer’s page calling for franchise applications for a new service they’re introducing, “Premium Taxi”. This comes just days after they announced that they will be apprehending unregistered Uber vehicles.

Premium Taxi LTFRB Uber
The post has since gone viral, with almost 4,000 shares.

According to the post, a “Premium Taxi” operator must have at least 20 premium units with 2.0 liter capacity; all brand new at the time of franchise application, equipped with a GPS vehicle tracking and navigation device, among other requirements.

Netizens have noted that the 2.0 liter requirement automatically rules out most of the cars servicing under Uber, and the 20-fleet requirement also prevents the average Juan from making a living and providing for his family, with just one car.

To quote motoring writer James Deakin, who first published this on his Facebook page: “They’ve just regulated it to suit their big taxi clients and will now regulate the fares to be out of reach of the regular uber user and then create a monopoly that will bring us all back to square one again. But the only difference is the new kick backs.”

On the other hand, other netizens have kept a more open mind about the situation, saying that this enables taxi operators to offer “more competitive services” to private transport network companies like Uber and GrabCar.

In light of this whole hullabaloo, we’ll share this relevant tweet we stumbled upon the internet:

Uber %22Premium Taxi%22

What do you think of the LTFRB’s move? What do you think this means for companies like Uber and GrabCar?


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