Love Milk? This Milk Bar Has Some Must-Try Drinks!

The hot weather can make our full days a little more taxing and luckily, we found this Milk Bar in BGC that offers refreshing drinks that you will always come back for!


More known as a premium grocer that offers healthy alternatives and other products, COOP has a milk bar that you shouldn’t miss.

As soon as you enter COOP grocer, you will find their milk bar on the left with a minimalist display where you can find different kinds of milk that will suit your liking. Whether you want full cream milk, oat milk, or others, they have it.


From coffee to milk tea or other milk mixes, COOP has the most amazing drinks that you will surely like. But if you want non-coffee products, the cereal milk crack is the one for you.


Fair warning, the cereal milk crack is addicting. You can order it with boba or without. It is topped with sweet caramel cream and crunchy toasted cereal that surely compliments organic cow milk or oat milk.


Another favorite is the cinnamon toast which has the perfect balance of tanginess with the cream of tartar and with a hint of cinnamon.  You can also add some boba sinkers to complete the milk drink.

Their other drinks include their best-selling Burnt Toffee Coffee Milk Matcha Cat Matcha Milk and The OG Milk Tea. They also have bottled drinks like cold brew, matcha cat, and kombucha.


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