Love Local with Liliw Tsinelas: Comfort and Style for an Affordable Price

Have you heard about Liliw, Laguna? If not yet, Liliw, Laguna is the counterpart of Marikina when it comes to high-quality shoes for an affordable price. The only difference is that they are situated in the southern part of Luzon. Too far, you might say.

However, with online shopping, purchasing shoes from Liliw is now made easier. You don’t have to travel far now to avail your favorite pair. Yes, this is where Liliw Tsinelas comes in.

Liliw Tsinelas is an online store currently running four online branches in Caloocan, Pasig, San Francisco in Quezon, and San Pedro, Laguna. The owners are siblings, Doris, Osep, and Eson who all came from Liliw, Laguna. They wanted to showcase the local shoes made by Liliw’s famous shoe industry as part of giving back to the community they grew up in, thus, the birth of Liliw Tsinelas.

Through their online stores, they are not only gaining popularity nationwide but globally as well. They offer a wide selection of footwear from sandals, flats, block heels to loafers, just to name a few. So are you excited to view some of their products?

I’ll be introducing two of their designs, one from the block heels collection (Lucille) and one from their flat sandals collection (Theresa).

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Liliw TsinelasLucille, Php 690

I instantly fell in love with Lucille. The cork heels are the eye-catcher and the highlight of this pair. Not only that, the single band also accentuates your feet making it look long and slim. Having this pair will complement any outfit whether it’s a casual or a business attire.

Liliw Tsinelas

This is also the perfect match for that evening dress you are planning to wear on a date. I am pretty sure you’ll achieve that dashing diva look effortlessly with this classy pair.

Liliw TsinelasTheresa, Php 520

For their flat sandals collection, Theresa is the apple of my eye. Why? You can never go wrong with a pair of footwear in nude tone because it blends perfectly with any outfit. But if you want to be adventurous, you may choose from their wide selection of colors, too.


Liliw Tsinelas

I love the Theresa as it goes well with both print-heavy outfits or a plain one. It looks perfect with skinny jeans too. But my best bet to match these flat sandals is the classic Sunday dress.

Liliw Tsinels’ shoes are very comfortable and light-weight. Yes, even the block heels are surprisingly light. I prefer using the flats when I’m shopping or in any activity that would require walking for longer periods of time. Voila! No calluses afterward. Yes, not even a single one which is quite unusual especially if you’re wearing a pair of brand new shoes for the first time.

Liliw Tsinelas

Another good thing about their shoes is that the snug soles are perfect under my feet. All their shoes are also made upon ordering so you’re rest assured that it’s absolutely brand new and you’re the first one to try it.

Yet another good thing? Liliw Tsinelas doesn’t charge for shipping fees to any part of the country! Hooray! Now, that is one more reason you should go ahead, not waste a minute, and order your favorite pair now. Or rather, go ahead and order more pairs!

You can check out more of their upcoming shoe designs as well as details on how to place your orders on their website.

Liliw Tsinelas