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Guys, You Really Should Add LEGOLAND Malaysia to Your Travel Bucket List

We usually think of LEGO as a children’s toy, one that we have outgrown as soon as we hit our teenage years and adulthood. That’s certainly what I feel. Sure, I’d look at LEGO displays when I see them and I’ve watched some of the movies, but that all changed when I visited LEGOLAND Malaysia. […]

Help us build a tribe of leaders!

Our hopes and aspirations for the world haven’t changed–to inspire and capacitate the youth to ignite change towards a better and brighter future ahead of them. Sharing the mission to to inspire and empower people to change their world, we would like to invite you to take part in our aim to empower the youth […]

Is Zero-Waste Even a Realistic Goal?

Words by Alyssa Gabrielle Chen Let’s face it. Zero-waste is an unrealistic goal. There are and will always be circumstances wherein we are forced to create waste, but this does not mean we do not care for the environment.  I’ve always considered myself an environmentalist. Whenever possible, I try to avoid single-use items and choose […]

Ryu Seung Ryong reacts to Miracle in Cell No 7 Filipino remake

Original Korean Star of ‘Miracle in Cell No. 7’ Reacts to the Philippine Remake Trailer

Netizens are definitely looking forward to the Philippine remake of the popular Korean Drama film Miracle in Cell No. 7 especially after the trailer for the movie just dropped. But what does the original Korean cast think about it? Well, it seems that Ryu Seung-Ryong, the original actor for the lead role of Lee Yong-gu, to […]