Love Esquire: Help a Squire Lose His Virginity in This RPG

Looking for a new game to play? What about a different kind of RPG?

If you were a fan of ‘Thousand Arms’ on PlayStation One, then you might just love this particular game. While many fantasy games have you playing a knight on a noble quest to save a kingdom, this game has you playing a lowly squire on a not-so-noble quest to lose his virginity.

Love Esquire is a romantic comedy dating simulator with 5 dateable girls — ranging from a plucky farm girl to a foreign princess. In order to win their hearts, you’ll need to allocate your time wisely. Uncover their backstories, get entangled in unexpected conspiracies, and indulge in steamy fan service.

As a below average squire, you’re also going to need to spend some time training.

Practice your swordsmanship in the barracks to increase your strength, spend some time in the archives to increase your intelligence, or socialize in the local tavern to increase your charisma.

Sound interesting? Check out the hype trailer:


Yangyang Mobile’s Kickstarter campaign for the game has already made enough to get the game going, so now we’re just waiting for its release, which is hopefully in the second quarter of 2019. Will you be playing this game? I know I will. :p

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