Love Chocolate? Then Don’t Miss Out On This Sale By The Swiss Embassy

Switzerland is an amazing country known to be the home of the world’s most sought-after luxury items, such as watches, as well as cheese and chocolate offerings. Switzerland is home to just some of the most popular and well-loved chocolate brands around the world — the names Toblerone and Lindt might ring a bell, even if you have not stepped foot in the Alpine country!

And really, nothing spells goodwill better than a bunch of chocolates on sale: The Swiss Embassy just announced the return of their one-day chocolate bazaar, featuring their most beloved chocolates for sale! The sale will take place on November 26 at the International Bazaar at the PICC Forum, from 9am to 4pm. Proceeds of the sales will go to charity, according to the Embassy.

The Embassy of Switzerland made the announcement on their Facebook page:

If you ask us, this is the perfect chance to hoard on the Christmas treats a month ahead! Don’t miss out on this sale on November 26, Sunday.

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