Love and Loyalty: Street Child and Dog Sleep Together Along Busy Sidewalk

Being part of several animal welfare groups on Facebook, I am often amazed to see how much people are willing to give and sacrifice for their pets. I personally have 6 cats at home and I love them like crazy! Though difficult for some to understand, pets aren’t just animals to us, they’re family.


Facebook user Gen Pillar captures this beautiful moment between a street child and his ever faithful dog. It’s a picture perfect moment that just makes my heart melt.

Child and Dog True Love 2

This kid may not have enough, I’m pretty sure there are days when he doesn’t even have enough to eat. However, just looking at the picture, you can tell that he loves his dog like family, and he’s willing to provide food, shelter and warmth for his loyal friend. And that dog? I’m sure he’ll never leave this kid’s side. This is love in its purest form.


What do you guys think of this? Doesn’t this picture just hit your right in the feels?