Lourd de Veyra “This is a Crazy Planets” Book Launch

Lourd de Veyra “This is a Crazy Planets” Book Launch

by JC Ansis



When In Manila, drop by the nearest bookstore and grab a copy of Lourd de Veyra’s latest book, This is a Crazy Planets. Last Friday, I bravely weathered the storm and drove from Cavite to Katipunan for the book launch of This is a Crazy Planets at Route 196.

If you aren’t already familiar, This is a Crazy Planets is a two-year old blog on SPOT.ph written by Lourd de Veyra. With his humor and crazy take on everyday life’s absurdities, Lourd has gained a large following which compelled SPOT.ph to compile his best works into one book.


“The idea was to get someone who could write insightful, humorous, irreverent commentary on Pinoy pop culture… He was the unanimous choice,” says FHM editor-in-chief Allan Madrillejos, who was instrumental in getting Lourd to blog for SPOT.ph

Myrza Sison, editor-in-chief of SPOT.ph and editorial director of Summit Media, adds, “Lourd is able to say what we’re dying to say, but can’t – or can’t articulate well enough.”

After the book signing session, Lourd was asked to read an excerpt from the book. Amusingly, he chose to read one of his most popular entries, “Umasal Lamang ng Ayon sa Ganda”. Very entertaining, everybody was alternating between laughing and chugging down Tanduay Ice (yes, a book launch is never complete without alcoholic drinks).

Lourd is a person whose writing I admire and enjoy reading. He talks about anything and everything. He is fearless and funny. Disrespectfully witty. I’ve also read his poetry book Insectissimo and I must say, the dude is a genius. No gas, just truth.


While he was puffing a cigarette outside, I came up to him and asked what his top five favorite movies of all-time were. He calmly answered:

  • Oro, Plata, Mata
  • Batch ‘81
  • Kisapmata
  • Army of Shadows
  • The Big Lebowski


We exchanged high-fives and went back inside. After a few sips of Tanduay Ice, Radioactive Sago Project went on stage and poisoned us with their songs. Yes, it was a great way to cap a rainy Friday night.

The book is available in newsstands, bookstores and supermarkets nationwide for only Php 195. So When In Manila and looking for a fun read, make sure to get a copy of This is a Crazy Planets. You will NOT regret it. Believe in the word of the Lourd.


Lourd de Veyra is of many things at once: frontman of band Radioactive Sago Project, TV personality, poet, award-winning writer, blogger and now author.

Lourd de Veyra “This is a Crazy Planets” Book Launch


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