Lose Yourself in Your Baser Instincts With La Crema’s Newest Single, “You”

Come back into the universe of La Crema with their newest single and music video, “You,” out on all streaming platforms this January 27th! The track is a psychedelic guitar-driven romp through the drunken backstreets of Manila. The initial salvo of rock & roll riffs and howling vocals leads into what is ultimately a declaration of primal desire punctuated by blistering drumbeats and a relentless bassline. Let loose and join us as we celebrate the launch of this monster with a party in Seltsam this coming Saturday, January 28th with a special set from La Crema and guest performances from our good friends LONER and mulan!


Take a journey down the psychedelic rabbit hole with La Crema. Recalling such musical influences as Frank Zappa, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and James Brown, La Crema brandishes its kinetic, take-no-prisoners rock n’ roll to take its listeners to a place somewhere between terror and ecstasy. As soon as they get on stage, it starts to look less like a gig and more like a bacchanal.

Formed in 2018 by Lucas Floyd, Alex Price, and Gabe Dandan, the group has since plied its trade across the Philippines- multiple Siargao tours; the Leave to Live Music Festival at Liwa, Zambales, and of course their home city of Manila. In 2021, they brought their signature sound to film, collaborating with the Goethe Institute to create an original film score for their annual International Silent Film Festival Manila (ISFFM). They further defied genre expectations in 2022 when they performed their originals alongside the Manila Symphony Orchestra at the Samsung Performing Arts Theatre for Rockestra: New Blood. The band is currently producing their first LP, to be released on vinyl this 2023.

La Crema are: Lucas Floyd on guitar/vocals, Gabe Dandan on guitar, Alex Price on drums, Migui Bautista on percussion, and Enrique Santamaria on bass.