Looking for a Unique and Healthy Summer Experience? Learn Fencing this April!

Summer is always fun when in Manila.  With fantabulous getaways scattered all around the country, and great indoor and outdoor adventures, it’s easy to fill up your summer with fun and entertaining memories.  Now, the question is, do you want to have the same memories every single year?  If not, here’s one great unique way to spend your summer this year!


I’m sure you’ve tried basketball, tennis, badminton or volleyball camps at least once upon a time.  But who would have thought that you could also attend some fencing camps in Manila?  Fencing is not only unique, but it’s also healthy for the body and brain.  I’ve been wanting to try fencing ever since I was in college. I’m sure glad that Vicious Brainiac Fencing is able offer a course on this action-packed sport this summer!  And I heard, it’s perfectly safe too! Woohoo!


Fencing has been termed as “Physical Chess”, as it not only provides a good physical workout, but it also tests one’s mental skills and helps develop grace under pressure. 


Vicious Brainiac Fencing is coming up with a series of summer fencing camps all over the Metro.  Kids as young as 7, and even as old as the most mature adults can take it up.  Come and invite your friends! I’m sure this will make your summer a fun, healthy, and memorable one!





Ready  for some action?  Join Vicious Brainiac Fencing camp when in Manila!




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