LOOK: Your One-Stop Online Shop for Ready-To-Cook Meals from Manam, 8Cuts, and More

Surely many of us are already missing dining in our favorite restaurants. After spending many months cooped up at home and eating delicious homemade meals, we can’t deny that our taste buds are looking for that familiar taste of restaurant bestsellers. Thankfully, many of our favorite restaurants have come up with many ways to bring our favorite dishes straight to our homes!

Delidrop, an online “grocery” of premium and high-quality food items, has partnered up with The Moment Group, the company behind Manam, 8Cuts, and Din Tai Fung (to name a few), to make it easier for anyone to get their favorite restaurant dishes!

Delidrop x TMG 6Post

Photo from Delidrop

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Once you log onto the Delidrop website, you can have your choice of ready-to-cook meals from Manam, 8Cuts, Din Tai Fung, Shawa Wama, and Ooma. That’s a lot of good food to get from just one website.

Convenience and safety also add points since your goods can get delivered straight to your doorstep. No need to step outside to get your fill of these delicious dishes.

Delidrop also offers same-day delivery (for orders before noon) all over Metro Manila with no minimum order required. You can also get free delivery for orders worth PHP 2500. Perfect for stocking up!

Want to satisfy your cravings for tasty restaurant bestsellers? Delidrop is your one-stop online shop!