LOOK: Young, Fresh, and Relevant Outifts to Cop this Summer

Written by Jesh Orquina
Photography by Paolo Pareno
Videography by Denisse Co

It only takes a few minutes of window-shopping to realize that summer is just around the corner. Store mannequins are now dressed in swimsuits, tank tops, and shorts. This is a trend that I have noticed year after year and, frankly, it’s been easy for me to take these summer collections for granted because I feel like I’ve seen it all before.

For the past few weeks, this trend hasn’t had much of an effect on me. I would walk through clothing stores and think, “Oh, they’re starting to display the swimsuits.” Nothing ever caught my attention. That was until I came across this collection.

Fashion-designer Marko Adalia describes the Penshoppe Spring Summer 2018 Collection as “young, fresh, and relevant.” I could not agree more. Here’s why:

Penshoppe Spring Summer Collection 2018

Penshoppe’s Summer Collection

The collection was designed by the Penshoppe team with today’s youth in mind. During the exclusive press look, Brand Director Jeff Bascon discussed how they focused on what their youth market would like to wear for the summer. Unsurprisingly, almost all of the items in the collection features the color Gen Z Yellow, this year’s version of the Millennial Pink. The collection also showcases other modern trends such as stripes, pastel colors, and fun prints.

Penshoppe Spring Summer Collection 2018

Penshoppe’s Summer Destination Collection

When it comes to your summer #ootd, it is a must that your outfit keeps you fresh. If your outfit is on point but you’re sweating all over the place, it’s just not worth it. With the Penshoppe Spring Summer 2018 Collection, there’s no need for a tiis-ganda moment. Penshoppe makes sure that all their clothes are summer-ready by making sure that they are not only stylish but comfortable as well. A lot of the clothes in the collection are made of rayon fabric, which is known for its cooling properties. The collection also offers a lot of loose clothing, perfect for those who don’t like the fabric sticking to their skin. Penshoppe’s latest collection perfectly mixes style with comfort, so you don’t have to compromise!

Penshoppe Spring Summer Collection 2018

Penshoppe Statement Shirt

What really stood out about the collection is how it stays relevant to the present. Design Manager Joseph Manto revealed during an interview that the collection is “influenced by different cultures.” The whole collection captures the concept of traveling and meeting new people. The collection, despite being unified by a single theme, is very diverse and can cater to all types of people. For those who are a bit adventurous when it comes to their outfits, the collection offers a lot of bold prints and colorful stripes. Those who want to go for something less striking may opt to go for bright-colored clothing. What’s also impressive about the collection is how the clothes are designed for the summer but can also be worn any time of the year. Manto describes the collection as “fashionable enough for the beach and can also be worn outside.”

Penshoppe Spring Summer Collection 2018

The Penshoppe Spring Summer 2018 Collection truly is a unique, vibrant, and diverse clothing collection that caters to all types of personalities. No matter who you are and what your plans for the summer are, you’re sure to find a Penshoppe outfit that’s perfect for you! Check out the rest of their collection here.

Which of these outfits do you see yourself wearing this summer? Tell us in the comments!