LOOK: Young Boy Sells Food In Jeepney For His Allowance And Inspires Fellow Passengers

A lot of the older generation may say that the young ones are entitled or relatively lazy, there are still those from the younger generation who prove them wrong. It doesn’t matter which generation you come from–if you’re a hard working fellow, then you deserve acknowledgment for it.

A certain young boy has been trending on social media after inspiring a number of people for his determination and hard work. Peejay Perez encountered this young boy who was selling food inside a jeepney on his way to school. Peejay posted photos of the boy which went viral soon after:

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Netizens were impressed and inspired by the boy’s own initiative to sell food wherever he was just to help out his family. According to Peejay’s post, the boy’s name is Paulo Jack Cinco and he encountered him in a jeepney along Makati Avenue to Buendia.

When asked why he was selling, Paulo said that it was for his own allowance because his mother was sick and he had no father. Peejay used his social media post as an opportunity to ask help for the hard working boy.

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