LOOK: You Gotta Try these Japanese-Inspired Liege Belgian Waffles!

Words by Kelly Punzalan
Photos by Lorraine Giron

In the waffles vs. pancakes debate, waffles are definitely the winner for me. Even Eleven from Stranger Things agrees.

If you’re still not convinced that waffles are the superior breakfast food, wait ’til you’ve tried the ones from Waffle Press.

They come in a cute white and baby pink packaging, so they’re perfect if you’re on the go and in a hurry. You can grab a box right before your meeting, study group, or even before a chill movie night at home. The smell of freshly baked goodness was so strong that we almost ripped the boxes right open when they were brought into the room!

We got to try all sorts of delicious flavors such as chocolate, almond, cinnamon, and even honey-coated waffles. They also have a variety of other toppings to choose from including white chocolate, strawberries, matcha, fresh mango, bananas, caramel apple, or even just plain waffles. Whatever your preference is, Waffle Press has something for everybody.

When you first bite into one, you’ll find that there’s something white and crunchy inside. It’s actually pearl sugar–one of their special extra ingredients. This is what adds that extra texture and sweetness to this already tasty treat.

These are a lot chewier and denser than your average waffle. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it’s because they’re Liege Belgian Waffles, which means they’re made with dough. Most of us are more familiar with the Brussels Belgian Waffle, the more common variety made of batter, similar to pancakes.

Photo from Waffle Press PH Facebook Page

What sets apart Liege Belgian Waffles from regular waffles? Waffle Press says that “they are rich and intense; stretchy, layered, and faintly crunchy within from embedded pearls of sugar and firm on the outside from that same sugar melted and trickling about the waffle iron’s grids to form a caramelized shell.”

In fact, they claim to be the first in Manila to serve Liege Waffles!

Waffle Press is changing the game with their twist on this fun snack. They’ve reaffirmed my love for waffles, and I think they will do the same for you.

You can pass by their kiosk at Ayala The 30th and get a box to share with your friends and family, along with their roasted Sagada coffee. Happy snacking!

Featured image from Waffle Press Instagram Page

Waffle Press

Lower Ground Floor, Ayala Malls The 30th,  Pasig
Open 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WafflePress.PH
Instagram: @wafflepress.ph


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