LOOK: You Can Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth And Help Charity With This Bakery

With the pandemic, many are wondering how they could help out those in need. Luckily, there is a way where you can satisfy your sweet tooth and help out a charity.

Beyond Bakery, an online bakeshop specializes in cookies and cinnamon rolls. Their ‘Salty Cinnamon Rolls’ are to die for. The sweetness of the cream cheese frosting is perfectly paired with some salted caramel syrup topped with cashew nuts.

Their cookies are huge and you can actually feel the weight of each cookie as you munch into them. Their best-selling flavor is the ‘New York Chunk’ which weights 120g per cookie. It is made with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and walnuts. Perfect for snacks that will surely fill you up.

If you are a chocoholic like me, their ‘Triple Threat’ is perfect for you. It is packed with three kinds of chocolate- dark, milk, and white.

65% of every purchase goes to their partner organization for the month. The remaining percentage of the profit goes into growing their bakery business. In July, they have partnered with ‘Save the Children’ and they were able to turn over Php18,745 wwhich was split into two efforts of the organization. Php15,745 goes to COVID Relief Operations while Php3,000 to the organizations ‘SoMEone Saving Children’ program.

Who knew that food cravings can also help others? Purchase your cookies and cinnamon rolls to help small business and a charity!

Beyond Bakery


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