LOOK: You Can Personalize These Umbrellas with Your Brand, Name, or Initials

Through the years, umbrellas have gotten a fairly bad reputation. A lot of the people I know equate umbrellas with event giveaways or uselessness… but it’s time to change that perception. Whether you accept it or not, umbrellas are must-haves. And it’s not enough to just have any kind of umbrella anymore. You need an umbrella that is sturdy and will stand the test of time (and rain).

Plus points if your umbrella has a story behind it. If you’ve watched ‘How I Met Your Mother’, you’ll know that beautiful stories can be made with one. And ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is exactly what came to mind when I first set eyes on Kanlungan Umbrellas.

John, the owner and founder of Kanlungan Umbrellas, shares that the concept came about when he was first introduced to minimalism a few years ago. “Although I wouldn’t call myself a true minimalist,” he admits, “minimalism has definitely led me to become more intentional and sustainable with my purchases. Slowly, I started to see how wasteful disposable products are and started to see the value of investing in good quality products.”

That was around the same time that John started working and living in BGC. “I’m thankful that BGC is a very walkable place. I enjoy walking there and I think walking is the best mode of transportation when traveling inside BGC,” he shares.

Because of this, John started looking for a good, high quality umbrella. While he has owned a lot of umbrellas before, they were all too flimsy or too bright to confidently use in a professional setting. This led him to create Kanlungan umbrellas: high quality umbrellas with minimal branding that offer a more classical aesthetic than other umbrellas out there.

Unlike other umbrellas, Kanlungan Umbrellas offer a higher quality. Their umbrellas are seamlessly handmade from a single piece of 100% maple wood from shaft to handle. The canopy is also made from double layers of fabric which makes it thicker than the normal umbrella, giving added protection to the user while also adding a complementary color for it to go better with any outfit.

The minimalism of the products aside, what I really love about these umbrellas is the option to personalize it ala T.M. (HIMYM fans will get me.) You can get your initials, your name, or even your brand name (up to 20 characters) engraved on the back of the handle to make it feel more personal and more uniquely yours.

They sadly don’t have my dream umbrella color (I’ve been dreaming of a yellow ‘How I Met Your Mother’ type umbrella for more than a decade now!), but their navy one has a yellow inner canopy so I figured that’s good enough. :p

I’m not the only one in love with these umbrellas, either. In fact, the reception was so good when they started selling in February that they immediately sold out!

I got these initials on the handle to match the T.M. initials in the show. (Sorry! I’m a geek!)

You can also give these umbrellas as a gift to workmates, friends, or relatives, and they are sure to appreciate the thought behind it. Not only will using the umbrella make your loved ones think of you, but it will also make them feel more special.

Kanlungan Umbrellas even offers special discounts for bulk orders (10 or more pcs) for companies or events. Just send them a message if you wish to learn more. They are also open to engraving other fonts and logos. Just ask them before ordering, so they can confirm it with their engraver first.

Another thing I love is the umbrellas’ closure mechanism. Instead of the usual velcro, they use a button and a ring to ensure that it doesn’t wear out easily. This type of closure mechanism generally lasts longer and is easier to repair, which highlights the brand’s emphasis on longevity.

I also feel the need to point out that these umbrellas aren’t just for the rainy season. Since we live in a tropical country, you can actually use this umbrella all year round para sulit na sulit!

John shares: “Our goal is to change the mindset people have with umbrellas from it being a cheap, disposable product to being a dependable companion that is worth investing in, while keeping the classical/gentleman aesthetic that we believe never really goes out of style.”

Kanlungan, meaning shelter in Filipino, symbolizes warmth, safety, and security. Kanlungan Umbrellas wants their customers to feel that they have a safe haven that they can always seek refuge in, whatever the weather may be or wherever they are. Kanlungan Umbrellas delivers nationwide and plans on adding more products and options in their lineup soon.

That’s not all! We also have a special treat for the first 30 readers who decide to purchase their umbrellas. Just use the discount code MANILA200 to get Php200 off of your purchase. You’re welcome! 🙂

Kanlungan Umbrellas


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