LOOK: You Can Now Sanitize Your Hair!

The new normal had us looking for ways to make sure that we stay clean and healthy. Though sanitizing our hands all the time is the perfect way to keep the virus at bay, it’s also important that we keep our whole body clean- and that includes our hair!

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Every time that we go out for essential errands, it’s important that we practice proper hygiene but what if you have to be out the whole day for multiple activities and can’t take a bath immediately?

Sanitizing your hair is possible with Tokyo Posh’s Hair Shield Sanitizer.

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This hair shield sanitizer helps remove and protect your hair from 99.9% of germs and bacteria. If you are worried about putting a sanitizing product to your hair, Tokyo Posh’s Hair Shield Sanitizer is also non-drying, anti-frizz and conditioning. The product is not just for your hair but also for your scalp. It is paraben-free, phthalate-free, SLES-free, and Alcohol-free to make sure your long locks will remain healthy.

Tokyo Posh’s Hair Shield Sanitizer is available in-stores, through their website and e-commerce platforms.

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