LOOK: You Can Now Report Online Bullies Here & You Will Be Provided Free Legal Services

When in Manila, trolling has reached a whole new level of low and it has now become a source of bullying and abuse. This has sparked a whole new movement of people trying to take back the internet in attempts to make the internet a bully free zone. A number of netizens have organized campaigns to take action against online trolls. They have decided to take matters into their own hands:


Source: Silent No More

Full text:

Dear Fellow Filipinos,

There is a need to step-up our campaign against abusive online bullies.

Report them and we will provide FREE Lawyer Services.

Message us the following:

1. Screenshots of the abusive comments/post.
2. Screenshot of the profile info with picture.
3. Your contact information.

We will then connect you with a Lawyer.

We will treat all information with the strictest confidentiality.

Share widely!



What do you think about this movement?