LOOK: You Can Now Have Hotpot Delivered To Your Home!

With the cold weather officially upon us, we all have our own ways of dealing with the chill. Some would opt for a comfy refuge underneath thick blankets, others would indulge themselves in a nice warm cup of coffee, tea, or chocolate.

Many of us would probably go for food and dishes that can warm our stomachs just as well as filling us up.

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Something tasty worth enjoying during a rainy day is a hot pot meal. Hotpot is a Chinese way of cooking that features vegetables, seafood, and meat. You can bet that this one’s a healthy option.

And if you don’t have enough motivation to get up off the couch and out into restaurants that serve hot pot meals, things just got a little more convenient for you.

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Hot pot meals can now be delivered straight to your home thanks to the innovative minds behind Samgyup sa Bahay. If you’re one who has enjoyed hot pot in one way or another, you’d understand how hot pot meals are cooked a particular way and require special equipment. Well, Samgyup sa Bahay has everything covered.

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Samgyup sa Bahay’s newest offering, their Hot Pot packages, includes a grill, a special pot, bowls, plates, broth (both regular and spicy), pork, beef, mixed balls, lobster balls, crab sticks, noodles, vegetables, and dipping sauces. It’s all there! With that many items and ingredients needed to enjoy a hearty hot pot meal, you’ll be glad that Samgyup sa Bahay can deliver everything that you’ll be needing.

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Of course, aside from the enjoyable meals that Samgyup sa Bahay brings to your own table, their services are always excellent. Their riders would brave through traffic just to get your cravings to your doorstep—and a lot early at that!

Their hot pot packages start at PHP 999 for 2 people.

With the full service and delicious food that Samgyup sa Bahay offers, why not add samgyupsal goodness or a hearty hot pot meal to your holiday parties this year?

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