LOOK: You Can Now Get Frozen Quality Meats Delivered Straight To Your Home!

When one talks of steaks, the usual vision is of fine dining restaurants, expensive wine, and candlelit dinners. At least, that’s what it looks like for me when I hear “steak”. But apparently, one can now enjoy premium steaks and other quality meats and seafood even in the comforts of the home! You won’t even have to go the grocery or market to get supplies.

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Thanks to a new delivery service, Rare Food Shop, you can now get premium and quality meats delivered straight to your doorstep–perfect for a fancy dinner night at home!

Rare Food Shop offers a wide variety of frozen meats that will give you enough choices for any type of meal you might want to serve your family and friends. From US Angus beef, Japanese wagyu, smoked salmon, and even lamb racks!


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Every single one of their products is always fresh when delivered. They even come in a special ice box that ensures the freshness of the meat up until they’re ready to be part of your refrigerator.

Rare Food Shop also includes suggested recipes into your order so that you can enjoy these meats the way they’re supposed to be enjoyed.

As for my personal experience, it was truly an extra unforgettable vision to see steaks and scallops and salmon in my own humble refrigerator. It’s quite a feeling when all you’ve seen in your small fridge are bottles of water and leftovers.

FOIE GRAS P 3800 per kg

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It was a whole other experience cooking them for the first time. It definitely made me feel like I could cook anything I could ever want.

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Rare Food Shop offers same-day delivery, so it’s also a huge help for those moments when you’ve got sudden visitors for dinner and you’ve got to impress them.

Now, having a fancy dinner won’t have to be outside the comforts of your home! Just check out Rare Food Shop’s website and easily enjoy quality meats, poultry, and seafood with your friends and family.

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