LOOK: You Can Now Enjoy Milk Tea at This Insta-worthy Co-Working Space

The many co-working spaces that have recently popped up around the Metro essentially caters to students and young professionals who enjoy comfortable yet visually appealing spaces that can offer more than the basic necessities.

What does one usually look for in an office or study space? Cool and cozy spaces, fast internet, and refreshments. Sure, many spaces can have these things but only a few really go above and beyond the basics.

swing space 5

Take, for example, Swing Space in Katipunan, Quezon City. This co-working space first got so much attention because of its unique interiors. Guests can use actual swings as their seats when they work or study (hence, the name)!

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This beautifully designed space considers aesthetic and function with their swings. It’s perfect for people who just can’t sit still when they’re trying to focus on working or studying.

Aside from the cozy space that they offer, they also have unlimited coffee, tea, and WiFi. But now, they’ve also added something many millennials love to enjoy when working: milk tea.

swing space 2

Swing Space has partnered with Cebu’s Double Ma Tea to bring tasty drinks for their customers. They currently offer the classic pearl milk tea, cream cheese milk tea, brown sugar milk, and oreo milk tea. You can also opt to add pearls, oreo, or cream cheese.

swing space 1

Their drinks are flavorful and not too sweet–high-quality drinks that anyone can enjoy! Drinks start at PHP 105. It’s a perfect refresher for long days of working and studying.

Swing Space is also offering lots of promos and discounts such as Buy One Get One deals on their milk tea, 20% off group studies, and a lot more! Check out their social media pages for updates on their promos.


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Swing Space

Unit 2 Mezzanine, Burgundy Place Condominium, Loyola Heights, Katipunan, Quezon City
FB: facebook.com/Swing.Space.Katipunan
IG: @swingspacekatipunan