LOOK: You Can Now Customise This WFH Essential

Working from home can be tough but with the right items in your work area, it’s sure that working can be a breeze.

Though many people think working from home is easier than working at the actual office, WFH needs a bit of push with some items that can help you work smoothly.

One item that really helped me in my work from home set-up is my pop socket. I have always been clumsy so a pop socket is a practical item for me (so my phone wouldn’t fall on my face). It can also be partnered with a pop mount so you can hang your mobile phone while working on your computer or during your video meetings.

The pop socket alone can work as a mobile phone stand so you can work hands-free or multi-task.

There are many designs to choose from and if you want to customize how your pop grip, wallet, or wallet+ would look like, you can also upload a photo or artwork for them to make your own custom pop.

If you are on the go, you can also check out a pop wallet so you can also keep your cards and IDs handy.

Looking for an awesome gift for your friends and family? Customize a pop socket for a unique and useful gift.

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