LOOK: You Can Now Get a Semi-Permanent Korean Glow

Anyone would like to look fresh all the time; but because of the humid weather here in the Philippines, it can be a little hard to achieve that. Many of us girls end up with a shiny and sticky looking face after spending a few minutes outside.

Though we’ve heard of different semi-permanent makeup services in Manila, Eyebrowdery is stepping things up with their newest Korean BB Glow treatment. Wheninmanila.com  tried the treatment to see what the hype is all about.

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As the name implies, the Korean BB Glow treatment will give you a semi-permanent BB Cream. This is perfect for girls who want a perfect make-up base without actually bothering to put on foundation or BB cream. The “glow” is actually because of the fresh look that the service leaves once the skin has absorbed the special BB cream. Unlike the usual BB cream we get from our favorite cosmetics brands, the ones used in this treatment are watery and are formulated so the skin can absorb them easily.


First things first, I suggest you do your research before getting this treatment since there are products that will be applied to your face. Skin reactions and results may differ depending on your skin type.

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Once at Eyebrowdery, they will prepare your face by cleaning it and making sure that all the makeup, dead skin cells, and other gunk are removed from your skin. This makes sure that the skin will easily absorb the BB cream and that it will set properly.

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They then go to the treatment proper. An apparatus is used to infuse the bb cream formula into the skin. Though they kept asking if the treatment hurts, it was just to make sure that there was no unusual discomfort. The treatment is actually relaxing and they just go back and forth to make sure that the product penetrates the skin and that the dark spots and circles get enough BB cream.

The treatment only lasts for 15-25 minutes, depending on your skin and how easily it absorbs it, but it’s fairly a quick treatment. Aside from that sheer foundation look; it will also help the skin produce collagen, tighten pores, and lighten dark and uneven areas.

There is not much downtime after the treatment, though there is a little redness right after. There is only micro peeling that is barely noticeable.

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Anyone can book at The Eyebrowdery through their Facebook page and their Instagram or by calling/texting 0908 651 0324, 0916 631 7433 or (02) 751 7236