LOOK: You Can Get Picture-Perfect Abs at This Hospital

Have you always dreamed of having abs, but can’t (or don’t) want to put in the hours at the gym to achieve them? Maybe you don’t have time to work out or maybe you simply don’t want to clock in the hours to get your dream body. Whatever it might be, a clinic in Thailand called Masterpiece Hospital offers a solution to your woes.

What it takes is a 2- to 4-hour long surgery and around Thb120,000 (almost Php200,000) at Masterpiece Hospital in Dusit and you can get a 6- or 8-pack of your dreams… and you don’t need to work out for it. Apparently, the surgery is so popular that they get around 30 customers a month requesting for it. Here is a collage of what you might be able to expect from the surgery:

Photo from Masterpiece Hospital’s Facebook page.

The hospital has been around for 3-4 years now and they are a licensed and legitimate hospital. When it comes to the procedure, there is no plastic or silicone involved and apparently, it isn’t dangerous or painful, either (not too sure if we believe that last part, though – those pictures are making us queasy!)

Here’s a photo of Ome Pangpaparn, who allegedly got the abs procedure done at Masterpiece Hospital:

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Would you consider getting this procedure done to get those picture-perfect abs?

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