LOOK: Yes, a Sushi Cake Exists and it is Everything We Want in Life

Words by Gemma Casimsiman

Photos by Caitlin Rodil

As an avid fan of Japanese cuisine, one of my constant cravings is sushi. These days, restaurants have their own creative forms of what sushi really is. Recipes differ from one restaurant to another and creativity varies.

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But finding sushi that differs from the rest is tiresome search. In the end, it’s always the same ol’ California Maki or sashimi—raw fish on top of rice kind of thing. Fortunately, Sushi Nori blew my mind with their new creation: A sushi cake!

Sushi Nori is a Japanese to-go type of food that offers well-made and convenient varieties of sushi rolls, temaki, and bowls. Now, one of the unique food that Sushi Nori has to offer is their sushi cake!

Sushi Cake is unheard of, that I know. With the traditional oven-baked cake, not a lot of people will be a fan of piled raw fish. However, Sushi Nori knows just how to balance the flavors after each layer. Whether it’s a birthday or just a day you crave sushi all to yourself, you can never go wrong with Sushi Nori’s own sushi cake.

There are 3 kinds you can choose from—when you’re itching for a bit of a kick, there’s the spicy sushi cake. For those vegetarians out there, the veggie sushi cake. Lastly, they have the classic sushi cake—think of it as a large California Maki with sashimi inside. Sushi Nori makes sure each cake caters to all.

“What’s inside?” you may wonder. Fresh sushi rice, salmon, tuna, tamago, kani, and drizzled teriyaki sauce is what makes a flavorful and firm sushi cake!

If you have more guests coming in, Sushi Nori also has a Sushi Party Tray! Yes, you can now have a table full of sushi without running out. The sushi party tray has a variety of sushi that your heart desires. Honestly, for those sushi lovers out there, you only need one call to complete the party.

You can choose from 6 different flavors: California, which consists of 48 pieces of California Maki alone (YUM!);  Classic, containing 44 pieces and varies from California Maki to a wide range of sashimi and sushi; Best of the Best, containing 52 pieces (it’s getting bigger and bigger!) of rolls, sushi, and the consistent presence of California Maki; All in One is a diverse world of salad, sashimi, sushi, and rolls; and Sushi Overload is 56 pieces (you could invite the whole town over at this point) with a variety of rolls!

Conveniently, Sushi Nori is partnered with Food Panda to make the delivery easier for you. Efficient and delicious, there’s no harm in trying Sushi Nori!


7th avenue, BGC, Taguig 1100

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