LOOK: Woman Finds Rusty Bottle Cap in Seafood She Bought at the Market

Remember those viral photos of a poor seaturtle with a plastic straw stuck up its nose? Well, it turns out turtles aren’t the only ones in danger and plastic isn’t the only thing the sea is polluted with. Nico Roza shared a photo with us of a squid that she bought in a small local wet market in Maquikay Mandaue, Cebu.

“I was cleaning several other squids when I stumbled upon this one,” she shares. “At first I thought it was a small rock lodged in the mantle; but when I looked closer, I saw this rusty bottle cap.”

Squid with Bottle Cap

Nico admits that she doesn’t know how the bottle cap got lodged inside the squid, but it’s quite alarming. “I took out the cap and cleared the squid of its innards and found rust particles deep inside the mantle,” she adds. Apparently, while she didn’t get a chance to take photos of the other squids, two other ones also had what seemed like bits of plastic inside their stomachs mixed with sand.

Have you ever encountered anything like this before? What can we do to minimize these instances?