Look Who’s Returning on Radio! It’s Delamar!

It felt like it was the end of an era when the Delamar Arias bid adieu to The Morning Rush.

That was about a year ago.

Now, it sounds amazing that she is returning on the air waves to be part of a “Mommy” radio show.

According to a Facebook post, Delamar will be joining the Magic 89.9 family. She will be heard again soon with a Friday show. RikiFlo and Andi Manzano will also be part of the show.

Even though it’s no Chico and Delamar, it seems that this new show is welcomed with a lot of love. There are lots of comments of the post saying that this is “bonggels!” and that “this will be great!”

One even said that “this just made Magic [89.9] better.”

Are you excited to hear Delamar again on the radio? What do you think of this upcoming show?

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