LOOK: What to Do Pag Siksikan sa Train

Commuters, especially in Manila, know what it’s like to have to squish themselves into a full train whenever they try to get from Point A to Point B.

Well, last Wednesday, Edmer Bade witnessed something at the Philippine National Railway’s FTI station: a man climbed up onto the handrails to avoid getting squished by the crowd. Don’t believe me? Check out the photos that Edmer posted on his Facebook page below:

Siksikan sa Tren 2

Siksikan sa Tren 1

On his Facebook post, Edmer said, “Sa sobrang siksikan sa tren kanina. Kung anu-ano na lang ang naiisipan ng mga tao! Hahaha!” We hope this made your day as much as it made ours.

What funny/interesting things have you witnessed while commuting? Share your stories with us!

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