LOOK: This Wedding Gown Has More Than 10,000 Swarovski Crystals On It

Whether you’re already married or not, you have to admit that you have at least once dreamt of the perfect wedding gown that you would wear down the aisle on your special day. For Pam Solilapsi, her wedding gown by Michael Leyva consisted of more than 10,000 Swarovski crystals, and took 30 people and eight months of labor to make – and boy, did she look absolutely stunning!

Swarovski Dress 6

Swarovski Dress 5

Since Pam works in the nightlife and events industry, her everyday life is already exciting, fast-paced and colorful. Thus, she knew she had to reflect that in her wedding down to every detail. Just as I had mentioned earlier, Pam had been envisioning the gown she would be wearing someday, especially once some of her friends started getting married.

Swarovski Dress 1

Swarovski Dress 4

“I wanted it to be unique and to very much represent my style and mantra, which is ‘more is more’,” she laughs. “I reasearched on some ombre gown executions online and since then, I was sure I wanted it to be ombre (specifically on the pink to burgundy pantone)!”

As she was looking for designers who could execute this, a good friend of hers introduced her to Michael Leyva. After meeting with him to discuss the vision, he completely understood what she wanted.

Swarovski Dress 3

The gown is indeed very intricate. It is fully beaded from top to bottom and, being Swarovski-encrusted, weighs about 50 pounds. “I don’t know how I was able to wear it for ten hours, to be frank, but I did! Maybe it was thanks to the adrenaline rush and the excitement of the whole event,” she shares.

Swarovski Dress 2

Regardless of how much it weighed, Pam definitely pulled it off, don’t you think?

What did your wedding gown look like? Share your photos and stories with us, too!

All of the photos (except the last one) from Proudrad (@theproudrad).