LOOK: We Found the Perfect Gifts for All the Wanderers and Dreamers Out There

Christmas is just around the corner and most of us are excited to celebrate it in our own special ways. But wait! Before we indulge in the festivities, there’s still one challenge to overcome. Christmas, after all, is the season of giving. While this doesn’t necessarily pertain to material things, we’ve come up with a short list of wanderful items that might help you find THE perfect gift for your loved ones, particularly the ones who are always on the go! Check them out below.

Bucket List Notebooks

Daydream Republic Notebook World

World Map

Don’t know what to give your relatives, friends, or colleagues whose skill to fame is booking multiple flights in 24 hours? How about these notebooks that are perfect for bucket listing, creative journaling, and yes! even calligraphy. These notebooks are unlined (for endless possibilities) and acid-free.

They also come in five different travel-inspired designs (World Map, Batanes, Morocco, Northern Lights, and Myanmar), which will definitely fuel one’s travel spirit!

Daydream Republic Notebook Northern Lights

Northern Lights

 Daydream Republic Notebook Batanes


Daydream Republic Notebook Myanmar


Personalized Pin My Travels

Daydream Republic Pin My Travels PH Playful

Philippines (Playful)

Know someone who is trying to find other ways to mark the places they’ve been to aside from scratching them off? Then fret not! This personalized Pin My Travels is tailor-fit for them! With pastel-colored pins to mark that spot full of adventures and memories, one can go local and international, classic and playful real quick! Bonus points because you can actually personalize it and get your name or your loved one’s name on it!

Daydream Republic Pin My Travel PH Classic

Philippines (Classic)

Daydream Republic Pin My Travel World Playful

World (Playful)

Daydream Republic Pin My Travel World Classic

World (Classic)

Pin My Travels World Map and Puzzle for Kids

Daydream Republic World Map Puzzle
Our kids are natural explorers. They need information and they love information. What better way to introduce them to the world (and its pleasantries) than through these Pin My Travels World Map and Puzzle (Kids’ edition) which showcases landmarks, animals, instruments, and other cultural representations in a fun and interesting way? Dibs!

Daydream Republic World Map Puzzle Box

Daydream Republic World Map Kids

Pin My Travels World Map (Kids)

Daydream Republic World Map Kids 2

These travel-inspired items are made with love by Daydream Republic, a home and travel brand owned by Ms. Sasa Bacani, a free dreamer who aims to create products that will serve as visual reminders for fellow  go-getters to keep inspired and motivated.

“I want Daydream Republic to be known as a home and travel brand  that will help you turn your bucket list a reality.”

Don’t miss it!

Daydream Republic will have a Christmas sale on 15 November 2017 from 7:00pm – 12:00mn.

Spread the word and continue living the dream!

Disclaimer: All photos are provided by Daydream Republic unless otherwise stated.

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