We Found a Place to Find Everything You Need to Write Beautifully

Everybody seems a little bit more artsy nowadays, with bigger platforms to express ourselves. With that, more shops have sensed our growing need for all things artsy. One type of art that we’ve definitely seen more of lately is calligraphy. Just look at any dedicated Instagrammer’s feed and you’re bound to see some posts of inspirational quotes in various styles of calligraphy.

This is why Scribe, formerly known as Scribe Writing Essentials, has revamped their classic store to welcome every type of artist.  Scribe now has 7 retail stores around Metro Manila and Metro Cebu, carrying carefully selected premium writing tools, including pens, ink, paints, and journals.

Scribe 11

Scribe recently launched their branch in Glorietta 4, featuring a bigger, brighter, and more convenient store for both their dedicated patrons and newcomers alike. We actually spent more than an hour trying to decide what to get!  There were so many interesting tools we didn’t even know we needed; it was almost dizzying.

Scribe 61




After more than a decent amount of time going the shop, we finally decided to get a set of brush pens, markers, some incredible kaleidoscope pencils, and a journal. It’s always fun to shop for stationary because it takes us back to the time we would shop for all our things right before school started.

Now that we’re in college or even working, all we ever need to get are pens and a binder. Then again, who says we’ve got to be boring?

Scribe Haul

Our Scribe shopping haul!

Scribe Journal

Scribe Brush Pens

Scribe Kaleidoscope

Now we have the necessary tools to learn and practice different styles of calligraphy!  We’ll be sure to visit Scribe again and again because we just can’t get enough of their awesome stuff.  We’re gonna go practice and play with our goodies now, so tell us: what do you love the most about calligraphy?


Glorietta 4, Makati