LOOK: Vibration by Bridget Co is an exhibit that makes loving Earth feel good

Words by Cole Manalac

Photos by Lexi Aguila

Art is something inexplicable, ethereal even. To some, it’s hard to explain and even baffling. However, to others, it’s an escape. It’s something that lets them explain themselves freely, it shows motivation and so much different things that are hard to explain. At points, it even evokes emotions from people, showing them a spectrum so much different than photographs or things that can be physically seen.

Bridget Co is an artist who wants to bring that to life. In her art collection, Vibration, she shows her own energy and interpretation of the Earth, showing how good living in and loving the planet can be.

Bridget Co Art Show 04

Bridget Co presenting her collection and exhibit

While conceptualizing her pieces, Bridget made sure to even carefully select the music that helped her conceptualize her collection. This is heavily heard in the exhibit, as a somewhat tranquil, dreamy soundscape immediately envelops you as soon as you enter.

Other than that, how she helped think of this exhibit is her love towards the Earth. What also assisted her in this is her love of travel. Personally, I think that traveling is an amazing way to help your own reasoning on why the Earth is beautiful, and her art represents this. Throughout the entire collection, her paintings are laced with differing strokes, allowing a sense of aliveness in the piece to give off positive, radiant energy. Yet, a comforting and concise sense of uniformity with the kinds of palettes she uses. Furthering this, she wants people to sense the ‘vibration’ in her art, with the idea being the sentience and character that each piece imposes to others.

Bridget Co Art Show 08

Some of her pieces in the exhibit

With such ideals, her inspiration for the collection is driven by the interconnectedness and unity of man and nature. Her goal with such is to allow people to fall in love with nature alongside people, especially since it’s our only home. While conceptualizing her collection, her emotions became a driving force in thinking of the entire collection. Various pieces are made through her feelings, with the oceans being made through a feeling of freedom and fluid movement, while her sunset piece is simply a work of dusk, wherein time is inevitable and a time of life. As mentioned earlier, her playlist is specifically curated to intensify these emotions. We noticed this especially when an instrumental version of My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion was playing, further emphasizing her objective in celebrating life and nature as a whole.

Bridget Co Art Show 10

With all of that, in her palette selection, she makes it a point to always make people feel the flow of life. Through it, there are different ways of life, as it’s a huge rollercoaster. Sometimes there are good times, sometimes there are bad times. With some of the warmer palettes, she wants to emphasize the happy and jovial moments in life, while in the colder palettes it attempts to bring attention to the fact that there will be times in life wherein we won’t be as privileged or as satisfied.

In essence, with the entire collection, Bridget wishes to show everyone that loving the planet is a step towards saving it. This is evidenced in the entire exhibit. I’d like to think that she wants to emphasize that appreciating our Earth can go a long way, and step by step we can help save the Earth by resonating with it, and at a point, feeling its vibrations.

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