LOOK: Vanessa Hudgens Had A Sweet Birthday Greeting For Her Boyfriend But Fans Had Other Things In Mind

When birthdays come around, celebrity couples have their own ways of making their significant other feel loved on their special day. There are dinner dates, or a special trip together, or a sweet and sappy post on their social media accounts. They even have different ways of greeting their SO’s on social media–and no, it usually doesn’t include an “HBD” post on their Facebook walls.

Vanessa Hudgens tweeted a short but sweet greeting for her boyfriend, Austin Butler, last Friday. It was quite a simple “happy birthday to the love of my life” tweet loaded with lots of emojis, plus a romantic photo of the couple.

As cute as the greeting may be, it was the response of people that made a difference.

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It all started with a reply to the tweet saying, “That’s what you said about Zac,” referring to Vanessa’s former beau andย High School Musical co-star.

And the birthday greeting turned into aย High School Musical sing-along from there. People began replying with lyrics to “I Gotta Go My Own Wayfromย High School Musical 2:

vanessa hudgens greeting tweet

vanessa hudgens greeting tweet 2 1

Some people didn’t agree with what Zanessa fans did to a perfectly good birthday greeting, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Zanessa ship lives on.

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