LOOK: Upcycled Glass Crystals are Turned into Beautiful LED Lamps

Are you looking for a unique gift to give this holiday season? Are you simply looking for something to light up your life? In need of a lamp, but don’t want to go for something generic? How about something that completely customized that you can personalized according to your hobbies and/or your personality? We found the perfect lamps for you.

And the best part? Aside from being fully customizable, these crystal glass light cubes can help clean up the environment. These specialty and premium decorative lighting fixtures are made from glass crystals, are framed with solid wood, and have an LED backlight. You can choose to have any design on it – be it a character, a company logo, or even a portrait!

By buying this product, there will be less glass bottles in our wastelands since they are upcycled into high quality and fully customizable lighting fixtures.

The stunning samples below are from games since they owners are gamers, as well. However, they do plan to have their own art in the cubes in the future. Even though Crystal Lit Cube is just a startup, they can already handle mass orders. In fact, they will be attending a gaming event this year.

These lamps are perfect to display company logos or your own personal brands; as lighting fixtures, light accents, or home decorations; or as premium gifts, customized gifts, souvenirs, or company giveaways (they accept bulk orders for a minimum of 10 pieces). And, as is evident, it would greatly help their cause of loving art and saving the environment if you buy lamps from them. You won’t regret them – they’re awesome and they light up the dark really well!

Crystal Lit Cube

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrystaLitCube/

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