LOOK: This University is Asking Students to Sign Anti-LGBT Conformes During Enrollment

Despite it already being the year 2018, it’s sad to see backwards thinking in so many aspects of life. Just a few days ago, we wrote about a social media celebrity in Kuwait who complained about the new labor laws protecting Filipino workers in her country. Now, another issue is also circulating regarding the University of Santo Tomas’ Enrollment Conforme.

UST’s Enrollment Conforme is basically a document that students need to sign before they can enroll in said school.

While we do not have information as to how long this particular Enrollment Conforme has been in place, it is the first time that we have heard complaints about it and its contents.

Twitter User FJ @AngryFerds posted the following tweet last week:

You may read the full enrollment conforme here.

According to the conforme, students are not allowed to be in same-sex relationships or to engage in sex before marriage. They also aren’t allowed to take part in acts of indecency on social media, use indecent words, upload indecent pictures, or participate in any other acts that might reflect unchristian behavior. Students also aren’t allowed to take part in ‘noisy’ rallies, assemblies, parades, or marches.

A lot of students have probably already signed this conforme in the past without really reading through it; but if you think about it, the conforme does not only seem to attack the LGBT community, but also seems to attack their students’ freedom of speech.

What are your thoughts on this?