LOOK: You Can Work in a ‘Unicorn’ Room in This Co-Working Space

We know it’s hard to get productive when you’re working just a few feet away from your bed with the temptation to lay down for a few minutes. The next thing you know it’s been hours and you’re still not done with your to-do list. This is why a lot of people opt to work outside their homes: to give them a productive vibe; and with the rise of co-working spaces, there’s just a place for you.

One of our favorite co-working spaces is Penbrothers. Penbrothers has been around providing space solutions to startup companies and freelancers alike since December of 2014 and they’ve done nothing but grow since then. Recently, they’ve opened a new branch in the heart of Mandaluyong. Their newest addition is located at Rockwell by Sheridan. Their new Sheridan office holds over 200 private office space seats, 50 co-working space seats, 8 meeting rooms, and the cherry on top: 150 Mbps of fiber optic Internet.

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Penbrothers has always made their conference rooms name stand out. Even in their older branches, they had fun and quirky conference room names like ‘Playground’ where you and your team can literally play around with your ideas.

In their new Sheridan branch, they have their very own ‘Unicorn’ room, where the magic happens and where creativity flows beautifully like a rainbow and runs wild like a unicorn. They also have a room named ‘Kaboom’ for when you need ideas to be really mind-blowing and explosive!

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Their Sheridan branch still has the sleek looking office design. One of the key design features of the Penbrothers offices are the long hardwood tables in the areas for their members to co-work in. A pro-tip whenever you’re in a co-working space is to network and get to know the people you’re rubbing elbows with. You never know: you might meet your next business partner or maybe just gain a really good friend.

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The next time you’re feeling low on the creative juices, let the magic of the Unicorn room flow through you with the help of fiber optic Internet and interiors that are easy on the eyes. Go ahead and book a conference room at Penbrothers Sheridan!