LOOK: U2’s Bono Attends Mass at a Chapel in Bogota

A photo of U2’s frontman Bono receiving the Eucharist at a mass in Bogota is being widely shared online.  Parishioners who attended the same mass at a chapel in Gimnasio Moderno took to social media to share and tweet about seeing Bono.

U2 had just finished a concert in Estadio El Campin in Bogota on October 7 for their The Joshua Tree Tour. The photo of Bono attending mass was taken the day after the concert, Oct. 8, which was a Sunday. According to parishioners, Bono sat at the back of the chapel, prayed silently and, stood up during communion to receive the Eucharist as shown in the photo, which has since gone viral.

Bono, Paul David Hewson in real life, has been vocal about being a Christian. In interviews, he even cites his faith, as his inspiration in carrying out his philanthropic efforts such as in helping combat HIV/AIDS and global poverty.


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