Look: Turon, Ube and Chocnut Muffins Exists and It Tastes Amazing

I am a sucker for anything Ube and in the search for the best ube desserts, I stumbled upon these unique flavors that you should try.

The Cook Up Studio Manila, specializes in baking muffins that have unique Filipino flavors like Ube, Chocnut, Turon, and Calamansi. Though Calamansi muffins are more known to be a specialty in a coffee shop in Boracay, The Cook Up Studio’s version of the pastry is bigger, fuller, and a little denser. The hint of calamansi is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the pastry and doesn’t leave any bitter notes.

IMG 7662

Another unique flavor is the turon which has hints of brown sugar and a base of banana muffin. The texture of the base muffin perfectly complements the crispy Turon/sugar bits on top. If you like chocnut, that flavor is a mix of sweet and salty without the overwhelming nutty taste. But our ultimate favorite is the Ube flavor which is has a rich pastry base that really tastes like Ube halaya.

IMG 7648

Baked by Make-up Artist Madge Lejano, these Muffins are a labor of love and has been the result of her love for cooking and baking. The business was born during quarantine and has created a loyal following especially with foodies who are always looking for unique flavors.

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The Cook Up Studio Manila