LOOK: “Tularan Si Juan” Is The Next Version Of Pinoy #GOALS

In case you’re a mainstay on several meme pages, you’ve most likely seen the Be Like Bill meme somewhere along the comments section, used by some commenters to ward off some over-zealous keyboard warriors and just overall bring some laughs. Kind of like this one:

Be Like Bill

Well, someone’s apparently gotten creative and made a Pinoy version of these highly popular memes! Introducing… Tularan si Juan!

Tularan si Juan shows the ever-relatable character Juan — smart, sensible, and an overall nice guy. The kind of guy everyone wants to be or everyone wants to be friends with. Juan basically shows how not to be a jerk not just online, but offline as well! This hilarious parody account has tickled the fancy of several Pinoy netizens just after recently launching, showing off stuff that a lot of us can identify with!

Tell us, which of these can you relate with the most??

Tularan si Juan 8

Tularan si Juan 11

Tularan si Juan 10

Tularan si Juan 9

Tularan si Juan 7

Tularan si Juan 6

Tularan si Juan 5

Tularan si Juan 4

Tularan si Juan 3

Tularan si Juan 2

Tularan si Juan

Check out more of their funny stuff at their official Facebook page!

Thoughts on this?? Tag anyone you know who is like this!


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