LOOK: Tricia Gosingtian’s Wedding Is Pinterest-Worthy

If you’ve followed fashion blogging pioneer Tricia Gosingtian’s blog in the late 2000’s, surprise, surprise: she’s now married!

From her original blog, Tricia Will Go Places on Tumblr, we’ve seen her as an adorable, kawaii fashionista going through her college years, to a chic, fashion-forward maven who continued to develop her own style and identity.

And now, Tricia just got married to long-time boyfriend RJ Gabunada in a wedding with gray and pastel motifs!

FYI, Tricia was one of the first fashion bloggers in the Philippines, so it was only fitting for her to get hitched in a chic city wedding worthy of Pinterest!

Check out the photos:

The most beautiful bride ???????????????? @tgosingtian #rgandtriciawillgoplaces

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Congratulations @tgosingtian and @rgabunada!!! ???? We love you ❤ #rgandtriciawillgoplaces

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