LOOK: Trendy, Super Affordable Glasses for As Low as P150 for Millennials and Millennials at Heart

Written by: Colleen Dorothy Lalo
Photos by: Katrina Mae Meguizo

Are you in search of an affordable pair of glasses that will suit and spice up your style? 

Optisense Eyewear Shop is the perfect place to go. This shop is an eyewear pioneer in Quiapo that offers trendy and stylish glasses at a very affordable price. You surely won’t run out of choices because they have a lot of frames you can choose from. No matter what your style or personality is, there is definitely a frame that will suit you.

Here are some of Optisense’s trendy glasses. Look how it fits different personalities!

6. The Artsy

Creativity is their strength. They are usually the ones who always want to make a statement of their own by how they fix themselves. This classic oval shaped glasses can suit the artsy type of people for it highlights their artistic and independent image.

5. The Preppy

They are the type of people you would usually see inside the library. They also have that “college vibe” because of their conservative yet stylish fashion sense. The Harry Potter-inspired glasses could be the best fit for them because it gives them a classy vibe instead of a nerdy look.

4. The Boy Next Door

Innocent, lively and sweet. They are known for these characteristics. Basic is their kind of fashion. You would normally see them wearing neutral and simple tees. This simple square shaped glasses could be the perfect fit for them because it completes their minimalist fashion style.

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3. The Adventurer

“Live for the moment.” This is their mantra in life. That is why adventurers are not afraid to discover and try new things that will make them happy. Moreover, they are usually the “life” of the squad because of their vibrant personality. The aviator eyeglasses is perfect for them because it highlights their cool and dauntless character.

2. The Rebel Chic

Confidence is their power. They are very outgoing and sometimes referred to as “social butterflies.” They have an eye for the latest and hottest looks and they make sure to incorporate “rock vibe” to their getup. This red Harry Potter inspired glasses fits them since it complements their strong personality by giving them a sexy and mysterious look.  

1. The Hippie

Their style is a blast from the past. They are fond of mixing retro wardrobe with today’s fashion pieces. The Hippies are known as “The Indies” in today’s generation because of their unique fashion sense. This light colored square shaped glasses could be suited for the hippies because of its vintage look that will definitely complete and spice up their getup.

Optisense’s Eyewear shop is truly the place for all your eyewear needs. They offer eyeglasses for as low as Php 150-1500 pesos. Yes, you heard it right! You can have your very own pair of glasses for only 150.00. Isn’t it amazing? Moreover, they also offer a frame + lens + checkup package for only Php 400.00!

Optisense Eyewear Shop

444 Evangelista street, Quiapo, Manila


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