LOOK: Trees are Cut Down at Legazpi to Make Way for Parking

Sundays will never be the same as the former venue in Legazpi is now being turned into a multi-level parking space. One of the places where you can buy local products, healthy food options, and other sustainable goods has now moved to a temporary space.


Since 1994, Mara Pardo de Tavera had a weekend market in Legazpi Park. “When you step in Legazpi Market now, it’s the stark reality of business going the wrong way—because do we really need more parking lots?” she asks.

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The market is now located at a temporary home between Corinthian Plaza and the Washington Sycip Park beside the Asian Institute of Management.


Since its transfer, many netizens have been calling out the developers and asking why they decided to turn the park to a parking lot. Some have also asked if they can just move to BGC to cater to a different market. Though the market has tried out BGC, the cutting down of trees has made Mara and her loyal market goers upset. Along with her friends who are diplomats, celebrities, artists and residents; they will be signing a petition not to cut down trees. She points out that aside from being good shade for the hot sun, trees provide a cool breeze during these markets.

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Photo from Legazpi Sunday Market’s fan page

Though the market currently has a temporary location, Mara shares that she has already spoken to Ayala to give her a greener space where people can really enjoy and live the lifestyle they have been promoting since the beginning. She shares that she didn’t think that the market goers would follow her after changing the venue, but then she remembered the line from a movie, “If you build it, they will come.” Since its inception, the market has moved from Greenbelt to Legazpi Park to BGC and now to its temporary location.

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Photos from Legazpi Sunday Market’s fan page

You can still get your homemade local and organic goods at the Legazpi Sunday Market every Sunday from 7:30AM to 2PM.