LOOK: Travelers Love Pan de Coco and Spanish Bread

A Filipino breakfast wouldn’t be complete with some pastries from the neighborhood panaderia, dipped into a piping-hot cup of coffee. It looks like it’s not just us who love our bread, because these travelers love it, too.

The Unlikely Travelers posted a photo on Facebook of their family at a local bakeshop. According to them:

Street bakeries should NOT be overlooked while traveling in the Philippines. We waited out the rain under the protection of a street bakery awning. We enjoyed some pan de coco and Spanish bread.

The Unlikely Travelers is composed of Amy and Travis Shreeve, a couple who travels the world with their one year old twins. The blog is still new, and their first posts are of the Philippines. Their first post is about shopping in Baclaran.

What’s your favorite Filipino pastry? Share it below!

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